August 2022 Newsletter

Hello again from Marinelli Christian Books. We are already in August…WOW! Where does the time go these days? Mid-Term Elections Soon we will be voting again in the mid-term elections. I hope you will vote for restoring our nation and taking it out of the hands of crazy politicians that undermine our sovereignty. It’s time […]

August Blog-Creation Verses Evolution

Most of us were raised with the theory of evolution being taught to us as fact in the public school system. For those of us that may not know what evolution is, it is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms. It is […]

July 2022 Newsletter

New Books Now Available We have three new books that are hot off the press and ready for your reading pleasure. The 1st is Marilyn’s new book, “My Collie Girls & Me,” It’s a true love story that spans more than 20-years between her and her collies. The book is a 6: X 9” 74 […]

July 2022 Blog

It’s time to move on.  Most of us want to stay in what we think is a comfortable spot only to find out that it becomes more difficult to stay there than to move on. Things become more apparent to us as we look deeper into the situation.  When our hopes and dreams of what […]

Faith Conquers All

Ok, I want a show of hands. All those that live in doubt, fear or confusion, raise your hand. If you want to walk with Jesus and follow the ways of the saints of old, you will need to practice walking in and living by FAITH. Did you know that we human beings cannot be […]

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

John 8:32 And the battle goes on for your soul. Who will win? …You, if you’ve given your life to Jesus. I heard a preacher teaching on who you and I really are. We are made up of a body, soul and spirit. What spirit dwells in you? If the Holy Spirit, then you have the […]

May 2022 Newsletter

“May-Days” We’re into the “May-Days” already. How about that? We were just enjoying New Year’s Day with all the fixins. Back then, Russa was not a threat. Gas prices were decent. There were no food shortages. The economy was not great but bearable. Life goes on but not for all. Did you know that there […]

May 2022 Blog

The Trap of An Erroneous Conclusion The devil will always seek to lead us into confusion where he suggests a course of action that is not correct. The trap of an erroneous conclusion is his first weapon of choice. Here’s an example of an erroneous conclusion with a rebuttal. Erroneous Conclusion: God cannot be trusted. […]

April 2022 Blog

Dealing With A Critical Spirit (Ephesians 6:12-18) “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty though God to the pulling down of strongholds.” What are these weapons? They certainly aren’t who can yell the loudest, or who is the physically stronger one. It is rather a spiritual battle. So then what are these […]

April 2022 Newsletter

New Children’s Book (An Elephant Named Clyde) I just finished a new book. It is my first illustrated Children’s book. Actually, it was Helen Quinlan, professional artist that made it all happen. She too a story poem from my Original Story Poem collection and made it come alive…over 20 pages of top-quality graphics, most of […]